Daily Prompt: Stranded/Westward Bound

Daily Prompt: Stranded.

That’s mighty scary! I have seen it in movies and it has happened to someone I know…
What did they do?
This is what he did and I had the pleasure of being a part of getting him out of it.

Stranded in a Ibadan
No bowls for soup but
Pillows abound to lay my head
Promises. Promises
I wait

I am bound to Badagry
Yes, I am bound to Badagry
My journey begins while I lay my head
Hard against my borrowed pillow

It is dawn
Nothing will keep me from my journey
I am heading west but
With no wings to fly,
I can only wait

Not branded
Aha! there is hope
Its in the Western Union

Westward bound
Ill lay my borrowed pillows aside
No wings but feathers to tide me through
I am westward bound!

Badagry is a town in Nigeria, West Africa.
How did he get out of being stranded; he had a phone and he used the last minutes he had to make a phone call.