Dreaming tonight…

What happened to dreams?

What happened to waking up and still dreaming about the dreams you had before? You know what  I mean; the dreams you had and dreamt as a kid… Do you still have them and are you living your dreams?

I had a dream no, I had many dreams as a kid. The things I will do when I grow up. Now that I have grown, why am I not still dreaming? Who said dreaming is only for kids?

I will say that as a kid, those dreams were actually faith, seeds of faith. So where did the faith go? Where did all the dreams go…

I am still growing, and like the title says, I am dreaming tonight.. And when I wake up, I will say like those who have said it before me:

I dreamed a dream” by Fantine in Les Miserables

I have a dream”  by Martin Luther King Jr.

I am dreaming tonight.

But wait, dreams begin when I fall asleep.

Good night y’all



Beginning from Scratch

I have started  a lot of things and to my astonishment, I will say I have not finished a lot of things I have started.

I have begun reading lots of books on my shelf,  coffee table and dinning table and I am yet to finish. This blog is an


accountability tool! I will start and prayerfully finish what I have started.  Here are a few things I hope to do:

Plan: “If I do not plan, then I plan to fail.”  From a quote I do not know its origin of.

Focus: Start something and make sure it is completed.


At this point, I have a lot of baby quilt fabrics I have bought.

1. I am working on doing a Disappearing 9-patch quilt; I have started and hope to finish soon.

Riley Blake Design 5" X 5" Squares

Riley Blake Design 5″ X 5″ Squares

1st set of squares pieced together

1st set of squares pieced together


Set of 4 Squares laid together

Set of 4 Squares laid together

I ran out of fabric 😦

I tried to use the scraps I had laying around Adding scrap fabric

Phew! Too Busy! I took it off, I will try something different….

I will keep you posted!!

Welcome to my blog.