Daily Prompt: The Transporter/ Come Walk With Me

Daily Prompt: The Transporter.

One of my most favorite people of all is my grand dad. He was the best and even now, I will call myself a big kid if need be to argue with another big kid to say my grandpa is the best of the best 🙂

There is something about the Song “In the Garden” that takes me to my childhood every time I hear it- it reminds me of grandpa. We called him Etete.

He had a favorite CD and he played it quite a bit. After a meal, he would grab his cane and then go sit down. He would ask for his CD to be played and amongst all the songs that played, this is the one song that I remember hearing him hum a lot.

I don’t know all the words but I remember Etete humming the chorus everytime. He will close his eyes and just hum the chorus…. hmm hmm hmmm hmmm………

“And He walks with me, and He talks with me,

He tells me; I am His own. And the joy we share, as we tarry there

None other has ever known..”

There have been lots of singers of this song but the version I love the most is the one grandpa always hummed….

Grandpa has passed on to glory and I bet the joy he shares with Jesus today,

“None other will ever know.”


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